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ScanSmart is skilled at accurately converting from Canofile proprietary formats to modern media and image formats, ensuring the data's usefulness for decades to come.

Typically, ScanSmart uses CD-ROMs with images stored in TIFF and PDF file formats, but other options are available as well. Please see our corporate website at for additional details on Output Options.

ScanSmart can go the extra step by also converting the indexing fields which you can use to be able to search by cabinet name or keyword. So the key tools you will need years down the road will be right there waiting for you on the same CD. These files can also be incorporated into a Document Management System, like ScanPoint's EasyFile (TM) software for extra control and the ability to incorporate new documents.

Rest assured...getting onto modern media and open data formats is the best way forward.

Please call (603) 664-7773 or contact us for Canofile conversion pricing.

Privacy & Confidentiality
All data is treated private and confidential. We take our responsibility as your business partner with access to vital records very seriously.

Since 1997, we have been the market leader in Canofile conversions. Satisfied customers include hospitals and medical offices, military, legal offices, universities and schools, accounting offices, VARs, and many others.

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